The Color Psychology Explained 

Colors play significant roles in our lives. There are colors that represent our lives, there are colors that represent our emotions, there are colors that we think can attract positivity and there are colors that we do not like. In addition, different colors can be associated with foods, in fact Food Company uses colors to attract the market. We can’t also deny the fact that by just looking at the colors our stomach gurgles that indicates hungriness. Do you imagine that effect of colors? To gain more knowledge about colors, house painters Long Island will surely help you! 


There were also beliefs about colors especially in historical places but also differences on these beliefs. For instance, we have the color white, most of the countries in western areas believe that white is a symbol of innocence and purity but majority of countries in eastern areas believe that white is a symbol of mourning. This is one of the implications in using color, to fit it in the beliefs and culture of a particular place. There were also beliefs that when we see red color in particular it offers food services. Since, the color red can cause hunger and attracts food lovers. It was also believed that red is the most favorite color among the different colors. Another belief was that colors like green, purple and blue are calming colors. However, in some people it can cause sadness and can provide feelings of indifference.   

In terms of business, colors portray important roles. In fact, color psychology is usually and commonly used in branding and marketing. People in the business industry use colors to attract buyers and customers. As they believe that colors influence the customer`s emotions and perceptions regarding the goods, products and services your company offers.  Aside from that, the color of your establishments helps the customers to remember your company and can-do referrals to their friends, family and to other people.  

When we talk about company logos, we can notice that, once your company has an outstanding logo, with the proper combinations of colors, the unified designs of characters then it will surely impress the customers. Since, mostly especially in this generation, your logo is the face of your goods, products and services. Once your logo is not impressive, the costumers or the market will surely think that you are not what they are looking for. If your logo is not impressive, your products, goods, services and your company to be exact is not impressive too.  

On the other hand, making your company’s logo is indeed difficult especially in choosing the right colors and the design. In choosing the right colors, you must always consider that your colors are well blended to each other. You must not also forget that your color is the reflection of your company, do not use colors that do not have meaning to your company and are purely a design only. If you have difficulties in deciding, our team is always available to help you. 


How Long Should an Exterior Paint Project Last? 

Your exterior home paint is basically getting the first beating from outside forces, keeping the inside portion of your house secured from them. However, one question you usually ask yourself is: how long should an exterior paint job last? A brief answer would be anywhere between five to eight years however, there are a lot of external factors which can decrease or increase the longevity or life expectancy of your paint job. 


How to Increase the Life Expectancy of Your Exterior Paint Job 

  1. Multiple Coats of Paint

Multiple coats of paint are definitely better than one coat. As a matter of fact, two coats of paint can already withstand to extreme weather condition better as well as cover more evenly. In addition to that, the upfront price of two coats is still lesser compared to having to repaint your entire home again sooner or later. 

  1. Top Quality Paint

A top-quality paint is basically your best option when it comes to painting your house again. They actually pay for themselves by increasing the life expectancies of their paint job over the years. This is also because of the topnotch quality ingredients such as: strong resistance to weather, better color retention, and better bonding 

  1. Maintenance

Correct maintenance is a very important part of the painting process especially if you team up with qualified New Jersey Painting Contractors. A little amount of yearly maintenance will definitely help extend the longevity of your house as well as its paint job. Maintenance of your home includes the following: touch up painting, re-caulking the doors and windows. Trimming shrubbery to let the flow of air on the siding, washing the siding. 

What Causes the Exterior Paint Job to Prematurely Fail? 

Exterior painting is a big investment. There is nothing more disappointing than witnessing your investment deteriorating, peeling or cracking right after some few years. Having said that, a good quality of paint work should stay for close to 10 years or more, especially if the house has maintenance on a regular basis. 

Common Reasons Why Your Paint Job Prematurely Fails 

Poor Quality Paint 

High quality paint will cost you more however, it is definitely worth the extra investment. Furthermore, not only does it give excellent retention of color, it also sticks better to the surface. And this improves the life expectancy of your paint job. 

Poor Surface Preparation 

This might come as an astonishment to a lot of people however, 80 percent of the succeeding paint job occurs before the paint is applied. Additionally, thorough preparation is very important to enhancing the life of your paint job. Cleaning, caulking, patching, sanding, and repairs are all methods to ensure the surface is already set for painting. 

Rushed Process 

Do-it-yourself projects tend to rush things up to get them completed much quicker. This is actually done by skipping or rushing, and can seriously affect the finished product. 

Use of the Wrong Type of Paint 

That is less type of the problem compared to it used to be before however, you must always know what kind of paint you’re painting over. 


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