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A Flight of History

By Douglas "Doc" Dow

It started in early April, 2010. I was driving south on Spur 408, heading home from some now-forgotten event or appointment. The delightful spring weather cast light clouds over Mountain Creek Lake, and I lowered the passenger window to take in some delightful Spring air. Glancing to the right, a shape emerged from the gray clouds to the west. I nearly lost control of my vehicle. ?What the hell??? I did not have to add ?is that,? for I knew exactly what it was. It was a World War II vintage B-24 heavy bomber growling low above the lake, headed, I guessed, for Love Field in Dallas.

Still stunned, my jaw dropped again when the same clouds revealed a B-17! What was going on? The news media explained later that evening. The planes had moved from Arlington airport to Dallas Love Field for the Collingsworth Foundation?s continuing exhibition of vintage aircraft. Based in Massachusetts, the exhibition moves throughout the lower 48 during the year.

The next day I paid my admission to the Fantasy of Flight Museum at Love Field. Passing through the museum?s impressive exhibits (I made up for that later.), I purchased a ticket which would permit access to the warships beyond the fence. My target was the ?Witchcraft,? as they had painted it, a legendary B-24. (This plane had been sold by the British to India, but the Foundation paints it in honor of famous planes from the war.) Quickly, I found my way to the waist-gunner positions. My dad had spent a great deal of time at this position at the right window. Passing through the narrow bomb-bay, I reached his other position, radio operator, right behind the co-pilot.

I snapped several pictures, but I did not fly that day. The program of flying these ships around the country is sustained by passengers who pay $450 for a 20-minute flight. I saved my money. I visited them again in St. Petersburg, Florida. Then in March of this year (2011) they returned to Love Field. IT WAS WORTH EVERY PENNY!!!  It may seem expensive, but it is your only opportunity to get a taste of what your father or grandfather experienced in one of these roaring craft. Check here ( for the 2012 schedule. WW II veterans can enjoy the exhibitions free of charge.









Short clip from the B-17 while flying over Dallas


Short clip of the B-17, at Dallas Love Field (DAL),

while taxiing and parking after landing from the tour flight


More photos from this event can be found on the Album Page


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